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The Legality of Digital Image Copies of Paper Records

The Legality of Digital Image Copies of Paper Records

This Cohasset white paper seeks to help organizations make informed decisions to convert their paper records in digital image copies. Specifically, it addresses the extent to which digital image copies, a subset of ESI, a) are legal as records, b) can substitute for paper originals and c) can be admitted into evidence in a court of law as credible records - imbuing accuracy, reliability and trustworthiness. Authoritative answers to four all-important questions are provided:

  • Are digital image copies legally as acceptable as "writing" and "original" paper records?
  • What evidentiary hurdles must be over come so that digital image copies are admissible in court?
  • Can original paper records that have been digitally copied then be destroyed?
  • How does a company integrate the rules of evidence and case law into the management of records in a way that increases the admissibility of digital image copies?

Commentary on key sections provided by Hon. Ron Hedges.

This Cohasset white paper was prepared for IBM Corporation.

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