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Information Governance: A Core Requirement for the Global Enterprise

Information Governance: A Core Requirement for the Global Enterprise

This Cohasset white paper details the major disconnect that exists between managing the information lifecycle to meet operating requirements and enforcing information policies – a problem primarily due to organizations not recognizing:

  • Policy enforcement is the keystone of successful records management and
  • Enforcement of enterprise records management (ERM) policies is an integral part of ERM management

Cohasset sets forth the proposition that information governance (IG) requires corporate information policies that comport with an organization’s legal, regulatory, and business obligations. Implementing IG serves to integrate an organization’s information processes and lifecycles with its governance polices and controls.

Effective IG provides organizations with the ability to uniformly enforce instituted polices to target individual business units, such as divisions or specific global locations, that have special needs or higher risks.

IG is not a project; it is an ongoing process that requires management commitment and resources – both to establish initially and, most importantly, to maintain over time.

This Cohasset white paper was prepared for CA.

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