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Cohasset / ARMA International Electronically Stored Information (ESI) - Holds & Proactive Disposition Survey

Cohasset / ARMA International
Electronically Stored Information (ESI) - Holds & Proactive Disposition Survey

This White Paper conveys insightful data on the challenges and issues organizations face on the very important topics of legal holds and proactive disposition (deletion) of unneeded and unwanted information.

  • It provides benchmarking data for comparing your organization's progress on hold and disposition/deletion processes.
  • It informs the legal community about the challenges that records and information management (RIM) professionals encounter when disposing of unneeded information.

Registrants of the 2012 ARMA International® conference and past attendees of the National Managing Electronic Records (MER) conference were invited to participate in this survey. The results were compiled and referenced in:

  • The opening keynote for The MER Experience @ ARMA'12 - a discerning session on Information Management and the Power of Positive Destruction.
  • The ARMA'12 Special EMC presentation, Would a Judge View Your ERM Program as “Judicial Toast?”

The survey results clearly show:

  • While 90% of organizations have a Records and Information Management (RIM) program, over half do not have a centralized information governance program, and many have not integrated it with existing information governance programs. (Q 1.1 and 1.2)
  • 79% of organizations have broad Legal Holds affecting a large volume of information, creating a serious obstacle to routine disposition. (Q 3.3 and 3.4)
  • Nearly half (46%) of the responses indicated information that is 20 years old or older (1992 or prior) is being preserved for a currently active Hold. (Q 3.5)
  • ESI is not being deleted; 40% to 59% of respondents indicated that "eligible" ESI stored on various media types is not being deleted. (Q 4.1)
  • Over 90% of survey participants indicated that areas of their organization fear deletion and, as a result, "over retain" or "hoard" information. (Q 5.2)

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