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Meet the Content Tsunami Head On

Meet the Content Tsunami Head On

Organizations of all sizes need a robust information governance capability for organizing structured and unstructured information assets into meaningful and sustainable categories without a significant reliance on users. To that end, the power of computers must be used to appraise, organize, and retrieve content at a pace that can match the rate at which it is received and created.

This means that organizations must:

  • Embrace a new set of best practices, tools, and technologies that can deliver cost-effective, consistent, and comprehensive compliance enforcement,
  • Renounce user-based classification and
  • Strive towards a new world order where the role of the end user is minimized for records management, classification decisions, and information archiving.

This Cohasset white paper is an urgent call for the promulgation of enterprise standards, strategically developed information architectures, and widespread adoption of advanced classification best practices and technologies that can scale and adapt to meet the information governance challenges at hand.

This Cohasset white paper was prepared for IBM Corporation.

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