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Managing Records Across the Enterprise

Managing Records Across the Enterprise

Electronic record content is proliferating exponentially as commercial and public organizations conduct more and more of their day-to-day business using electronic documents and data. The greatest legal and business risks associated with this vast volume of electronic content are those records typically stored and managed on local hard disk (ā€œCā€) drives, network storage servers or shared drives, e-mail servers or related backup media ā€“ specifically: general purpose records, web content records and some project records.

This Cohasset white paper is a high-level architecture and functional assessment of Oracle Records Management 10g. The combination of Oracle Content Services 10g and Oracle Records Management 10g software provides users with a comprehensive set of records management capabilities as well as a cost effective solution that will manage large volumes of currently unmanaged, high risk general purpose electronic records.

This Cohasset white paper was prepared for Oracle Corporation.

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