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Authenticity: The Gateway to Admissability

Authenticity: The Gateway to Admissability

The 2006 revisions to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) manifest many significant legal changes, particularly with respect to the legal policies regarding the management of electronically stored information (ESI).

Record integrity and timely production of ESI are now essential goals for all organizations. In support of these two objectives, this Cohasset white paper seeks to identify how the FRCP provide opportunities, through the improved management of electronic records, to achieve certain legal advantages – specifically, the engagement of highly automated solutions that intrinsically manifest:

  • The flexibility required to incorporate new requirements,
  • The capability to meet the ever-increasing performance standards regarding both maintaining a record's integrity over time as well as assuring its accessibility in less time, and
  • The capacity to produce management evidence that provides detailed documentation of the processes by which the records were managed since they were created.

This Cohasset white paper was prepared for EMC Corporation.

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