Cohasset Associates, Inc.

Spanning 40 years and serving both domestic and international clients, Cohasset provides award-winning professional services in four areas: management consulting, education, thought-leadership and legal research.

Management Consulting

Working with multi-national clients, Cohasset develops information governance (IG) strategies and engages in IG implementation activities to achieve business goals, improve compliance and mitigate risk. Distinguished as the leader of the transition from records management to information governance, Cohasset held its first Managing Electronic Records (MER) conference in 1993. Cohasset’s current and former clients include several winners of ARMA’s prized Cobalt Award. Cohasset is proud of its reputation for attaining exceptional results.


Cohasset Associates is renowned for its longstanding leadership in education on information governance and information lifecycle management.


Cohasset regularly publishes thought leadership white papers and surveys to promote continuous improvement in the lifecycle management of information.

Legal Research

Cohasset is nationally respected for its direction on records and information management legal issues – from retention schedules to compliance with regulatory requirements associated with the use of electronic or digital storage media.

For domestic and international clients, Cohasset Associates:

  • Formulates information governance implementation strategies
  • Develops policies and standards for records management and information governance
  • Creates clear and streamlined retention schedules
  • Prepares training and communications for executives, the RIM network and all employees
  • Leverages content analytics to improve lifecycle controls for large volumes of eligible information, enabling clients to classify information, separate high-value information and delete unneeded information
  • Designs and assists with the implementation of information lifecycle practices that avoid the cost and risk associated with over-retention
  • Defines technical and functional requirements and assists with the deployment of enterprise content management and collaboration tools


Cohasset Associates, Inc. proudly presents the annual National Conference on Managing Electronic Records ( The MER is the only national conference addressing the issues and challenges of managing electronic records – from three perspectives: legal, technical, and operational.